Chef Dick's BBQ Sauce, 20 Ounce Bottle

Established in 1988, Chef Dick’s BBQ Sauce started out solely at a restaurant in Florida. After returning home to Illinois, Chef Dick began serving his sauce at a restaurant in Carlinville where it became incredibly popular with customers. As customer’s started bringing in their own mason jars and other containers to take the sauce home, Chef Dick decided it was time to start officially bottling and distributing it himself. Beginning in craft shows and festivals, the sauce is now bottled and available in over 25 grocery stores, specialty shops and restaurants throughout Illinois and is featured as an Illinois Product. The sweet tangy flavor is great for people of all ages, and makes a great addition to all types of meat and as a dipping sauce for a variety of foods ranging from pulled pork to BBQ burgers and hot dogs to a dipping sauce for french fries and tots.

  • BBQ & Dipping Sauce for the Distinguished Palate
  • Sweet, Tangy, Great for All Ages
  • Gluten Free
  • Contains Soy